Concrete Block Resists Fire, Termites and Severe Weather.


Concrete block is a noncombustible material that neither ignites nor supplies fuel to a fire. Fire studies and laboratory tests both show that no building material offers better protection against fire, smoke, and heat.  For example, industry-standard CAN/ULC S101 fire tests show that materials such as wood and gypsum board burn or rapidly deteriorate, while block remains intact even after prolonged exposure to intense heat.  In fact, because of its proven fire performance, concrete block is used to build firewalls in large wood frame buildings.  Block foundation walls offer these same attributes, protecting against the spread of fire, yielding no smoke or toxic gases under heat and ensuring structural integrity both during and after a fire.

Protection for termite infestation is another benefit provided by block.  Termites feed only on materials containing cellulose, most notably wood, and cannot feed on concrete block.

Overall, block masonry provides superior property and personal protection.  In addition to withstanding fire and insects, block is highly resistant to strong winds and impact from wind-borne debris and its use in basements provides refuge from severe weather such as tornadoes and hurricanes.