Concrete Block Provides Better Air Quality

Concrete block foundations help maintain healthy, comfortable indoor environments. Unlike many other construction materials, including wood products and gypsum board, block does not provide a food source for toxic mould.  Typically, moisture resulting from construction - for example the thousands of kilograms of water contained in cast-in-place concrete basement walls - can contribute to mould growth, decay of moisture-sensitive material, and odours.  Block, however, is pre-cured and pre-dried meaning faster dry-out to facilitate interior and exterior finishing, less risk of mould growth, less drying shrinkage and less cracking.

As well, block and mortar do not emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a byproduct of many other construction products that can pose serious health risks.  Moreover, block can be used as a wall finish, eliminating the need for paints and other finishes that release VOCs or promote mould growth.