Build a Better, Healthier Basement with Concrete Block Masonry

When it comes to constructing or expanding your living space and increasing the value of your home, look to concrete block masonry for a basement foundation that offers maximum versatllity, strength, dryness, energy-efficiency and durability.  All at a minimum cost.

Concrete block is economical.

Concrete block foundation systems offer the greatest long-term savings, even where first-cost investment is considered.  Whereas cast-in-place concrete wall systems have additional reinforcement requirements and demand more detaling and on-site inspections, design and construction requirements for block foundations are minimal. (...) read more

It's strong and durable.

Concrete block is inherently strong and resistant to structural loads, impacts, mechanical damage, abrasion, forced entry, and abuse. (...) read more

It's sustainable.

Masonry products are the original green products, with concrete block masonry having a carbon footprint 66% smaller than that of cast-in-place concrete wall systems. (...) read more 

It's energy-efficient and quiet.

Unlike light-frame construction materials, concrete block offers a high degree of thermal mass-up to twice that of poured concrete - helping to stabilize interior heating and cooling, in turn lowering energy costs and providing a more comfortable indoor living area. (...) read more

It resists fire, termites and severe weather.

Concrete block is a noncombustible material thwww.centuryconcrete.caies fuel to a fire. (...) read more

Block provides better air quality.

Concrete block foundations help maintain healthy, comfortable indoor environments.  Unlike many other construction materials, including wood products and gypsum board, block does not provide a food source for toxic mould.  (...) read more

Block is convenient and versatile.

Block can be installed as is, with no need to wait for custom for-work and framing or pre-fabricated panels that later can't readily be modified on-site. (...) read more

It's radon-resistant.

Concrete masonry basements effectively resist infiltration of radon and soil gases with little increase in the cost of construction.  (...) read more

Concrete block foundations offer:

  • Up to twice the thermal value of poured concrete
  • Versatility in design
  • Drier basements
  • Reduced risk of shrinkage cracks and honeycombing
  • Built-in quality control